Why Marketing?

Why Marketing?McBroom. Lake Louise


My journey to deciding to become a Marketer was nothing short of a round-trip. I actually traveled the world before deciding that this was the path I wanted to take. When I first entered into my secondary education I wanted nothing more than to be a physical therapist. Many people ask: Why did you choose Business then?

My answer is simple, I interviewed a lot of people, specifically Physical Therapists. I asked them all the same question “if you could do it over again, what would you do differently?” To my astonishment they all came up with the same answer; they would take a business degree. So it was settled then, off to Business school I went. It was not until I was into my third year of school when I had already finished my science pre-requisites that I took my first Marketing class. I loved it immediately. It just made sense to me. I was incredibly inspired by my subjects and enjoyed being able to use my creative side while still being able to think analytically.

Marketing makes me excited and I feel that this is something I can see myself doing for a long time. I find it incredibly challenging as it is constantly evolving. What works as a strategy for one company will not work for another and it is this depth and room for creativity that I find inspiring and motivating. This challenge is what lights the fire in my belly to find a solution. Hard work excites me and it is for this reason that I feel Marketing is a good fit for my personality.




What will make me a good Marketer for your organization?

– I enjoy being creative
– I am excited to gain measurable results from my creativity
– I find results rewarding and I want to ensure that companies get the most from my marketing efforts
– I have a solid understanding of the marketing mix and marketing strategy
– I am hardworking and goal oriented














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